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LOL! You actually clicked to find out more about us at HEPMIL!

To be honest, nobody imagined that a funny SGAG meme, first created about McDonald's curry sauce shortage by two bored
twenty-somethings, would become what HEPMIL is today.

Over the years, the dream to bring LOLs to even more people has seen the HEPMIL family expand regionally, into Malaysia with MGAG, in 2015, as well as the Philippines with PGAG, in 2017. Those early meme days have now too massively evolved to encompass video, talent management, e-commerce, and even research.

Beyond that, the dream to empower and support more content creators, with the knowledge HEPMIL built over the years grew. So in 2020,
Hepmil Creators’ Network was launched. Today, we have some of the most exciting TikTok talents across the region under our network and counting.

The journey has been incredible, and there’s no denying how much more incredible it can be in the years to come. So here’s to bringing more LOLs, more entertainment, and more joy, to the everyday person like you and me, through the good times, and bad.

To those of you who stayed on and read till this part, wow thanks! Here’s a bonus fun fact since many have asked – What does HEPMIL actually mean? Is it, ‘HELP MI’ spelt differently? Does it mean, ‘HEP piness to MIL-lions of people?’ Nah, here’s a clue: Read it backwards!

Keep LOL-ing always,

Karl & Adrian


Karl Mak

Chief Executive Officer, and Co-Founder of Hepmil Media Group

His key responsibilities are to oversee the business growth in local and international markets as well as to spearhead the formation of strategic partnerships and new growth platforms for the group.

On weekends, you might catch him playing basketball with friends or cycling in the park.

Adrian Ang

Chief Creative Officer, and Co-Founder of Hepmil Media Group

More popularly known as ‘Xiao Ming’ on screen for his lame jokes and pranks, his main responsibilities also include driving the creative direction and overseeing the content and platform growth for the group.

On weekends, you might catch him in the gym without his shades, or ‘walking’ his cats @simbaanddusty.

The success of their work has led Karl and Adrian to be named as one of Forbes ‘30 Under 30 Asia, Class of 2017’.

Hepmil Media Group


HEPMIL Media GroupHEPMIL MEDIA GROUP is a network of technology-driven media companies that serves to better the lives of millions in Southeast Asia through content that engages and entertains.

Hepmil Creators Network (Offices in SG, MY, PH, ID, VN, TH)Started in 2020, Hepmil Creators' Network (HCN) offers Southeast Asia's independent comedy content creators, including those on TikTok, with business opportunities. This is all while leveraging the company's expertise in comedy to mentor these talents.

SGAG (Singapore)SGAG is Singapore’s first influential comedy platform owned by Hepmil Media group. SGAG first started in 2012 connecting with locals daily by delivering localised humour with iconic memes and videos, reaching millions of Singaporeans daily.

MGAG (Malaysia)On August 5, 2015, SGAG launched MGAG, the Malaysian branch of the company - one of the fastest growing Millennial centric digital platforms in Malaysia.

PGAG main logo.png

PGAG (Philippines)Launched on January 21, 2018, PGAG is a marketing company in that connects with Filipino Millennials on a daily basis through localized digital content. 

Logo MRCI_edited.png

MRCI (Indonesia)With over 10 years of experience in capturing the hearts and laughter of Indonesians, MRCI is the latest addition to the HEPMIL family! From memes, short videos and TikToks, we reach 18 million people weekly.


Bent Pixels Asia - Launched in 2021, Bent Pixels Asia is a joint venture between Bent Pixels & Hepmil Media Group to empower creators, digital talent agencies and Esports organizations in Asia to efficiently operate and scale their earnings on YouTube


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