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Our Brand Story

Making everyone’s day a better one

It all started when McDonald’s in Singapore ran out of curry sauce and what was seemingly a harmless meme turned out to be the very spark that ignited Karl and Adrian’s love for all things content. 


First starting SGAG in 2012, the pair pushed the ante of localised humour and turned their passion into a profession. Never in their wildest dreams would they have thought brands would pay to be made fun of. 


They took that laughter across the causeway and kickstarted MGAG in 2015. And the joy continued to spread to the Philippines and Indonesia thereafter. They then established HEPMIL Media Group to house the respective content arms and to connect efforts across the region.


And their dreams continued to grow beyond just humour.


In 2020, with the rise of the creator economy, there was an opportunity to empower the next generation of content creators through the birth of HEPMIL Creators’ Network - a creator-first business connecting brands to some of the brightest content creators in the region. 


From content to creators and now social commerce, HEPMIL continues to grow in the region and now has its sights lined up on a mission to Define the Future of Entertainment. 


And we can’t wait to chart that course with you.

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Our Subsidiaries


HEPMIL Creators’ Network (HCN) is a digital creator agency that connects brands to a network of over 1000 creators across Southeast Asia. Bringing together HEPMIL’s expertise in creative, media and production, HCN enables brands to reach and engage new audiences with the help of the brightest creative sparks on social media today with a goal to deliver effective influencer marketing outcomes.

Bent Pixels Asia - Launched in 2021, Bent Pixels Asia is a joint venture between Bent Pixels & Hepmil Media Group to empower creators, digital talent agencies and Esports organizations in Asia to efficiently operate and scale their earnings on YouTube.


Milu Dinosaur is HEPMIL’s first chinese variety entertainment channel. From celebrity interviews to fun quizzes and games, the Milu crew are bringing their brand of fun to chinese viewers across the region.

  • Instagram
  • TikTok

Rekko is bringing together the best recommendations by TikTokers all on one site. From the best cafes to beauty products, we’ve got you covered on all the Rekkos you need.

  • web
  • Instagram

MGAG is bringing laughs to urban Malaysians on a daily. From the latest happenings to funny everyday situations, MGAG is creating localised laughs through snappy content.

  • Instagram
  • TikTok

PGAG is the go-to comedy brand in the Philippines! From wacky characters to larger-than-life stories, PGAG is bringing local laughs to everyone across the country.

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  • TikTok

Oner Gang is bringing Filipinos on a road trip to discover the best sights and sounds that’s worth visiting and worth driving to. Jump on board our Oner and vroom vroom with us on a journey!

  • Youtube
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  • Instagram
  • TikTok

MRCI is a comedy page with over 10 years of experience in bringing laughter to Indonesians! Reaching 18 million fans weekly, through hilarious sketches and memes.

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  • TikTok

SGAG is home to Singapore’s funniest content creators. As HEPMIL’s OG brand, SGAG has been reaching millions daily with hyper-localised humour delivered through memes and short videos.

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Our Team

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