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Making every Singaporean's day a better one through original content as well as content and creator marketing


First started in 2012, SGAG is a leading comedy brand in Singapore, reaching more than 15 million users monthly with our daily dose of localised memes and videos.

We work with brands for:
Branded content
Cast engagement
Creative merchandise



Hepmil is proud to be a certified TikTok Marketing

Partner specialised in Creator Marketing

Hepmil Creators’ Network (HCN)’s mission is to empower the next generation of TikTok creators in Southeast Asia.


As a digital creator agency, HCN connects brands with the best comedy, lifestyle and entertainment TikTok creators in the region.


From Hashtag Challenges to TikTok ads and branded content, HCN enables brands to reach a young Millennial and Gen Z audience effectively.

Image by Héctor Martínez



SGEEK mission is to enable and empower the everyday CTO, aka the Chief Technology Officer at home.

With SGEEK, brands can drive buzz about the latest launches and products targeted at a tech-savvy and geek-worthy audience.


Empowering brands to achieve greater effectiveness in digital campaigns

SGAG’s in-house research team exist to bridge brands closer to fans by providing unique insights and data about GenZs and Millennials and their digital consumption behaviour.


Understanding the target audience at a deeper level helps brands achieve greater campaign effectiveness through exclusive access to curated panels and customised surveys.

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