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Deep diving into more authentic engagements with your target audience through our SGAG Cast personal social media platforms

Beyond acting in SGAG comedy videos, SGAG Cast are also experts in engaging with their own fans in an authentic manner. On top of their creative spin in content creation for brands, they are also available for talent appearance, event invites, and hosting gigs.


Always equipped with the hottest trends and topics in town, SGAG Cast are able to keep your audience entertained from online to offline

sgag cast


Connecting with target audiences in the most authentic and engaging way is important.

With each SGAG Cast's unique style of creating content, Brands can connect with Millennials and Gen Zs in a more diverse way

FairPrice Light up Your Raya video featuring Syapls from SGAG_1080p.00_00_17_03.Still001.j


SGAG also has a diversity of Casts whom brands and agencies are able to engage for external productions.

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